TC “Resilient Youth”

The main target of the project held in Pamporovo, Bulgaria was Resilient Youth. Young people from 8 different countries faced their fears and problems expressing their feelings and learned to overcome them.

The project was carried out between 4 and 10 July 2023 . İmece was represented by 3 people. The project aimed to create socially, physically and mentally resilient youth by acquiring healthy habits, developing motor skills and understanding the factors that affect all aspects of an individual’s physical, spiritual and emotional development. 24 participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine and Bulgaria spent 7 days together in the middle of nature and expressed their opinions on the importance of mental health and physical resilience.

Melike said “We had great days from the first day of the project. We were together, we shared our feelings. I really liked the part where we walked in nature and felt like a part of nature”

Other participants also agreed that this expedition was unforgettable. Murat and Yusuf added “It was important for all of us to understand the importance of mental and physical health. The moments we spent communicating and understanding each other’s feelings and thoughts will always be etched in our memories. Just like in all Erasmus+ Projects, saying goodbye on the last day was difficult for us. Despite this, we are grateful for the connections we formed and the support we will continue to provide each other, even if we never meet again”

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