About Us

Imece Network is an international youth platform organization on education, culture and sports.


A better world featured by integrated social collaboration, respecting human rights, understanding of cultural diversity, international cooperation and participation.


Imece Network has the passion and courage to establish an effective network of collaboration between youth organizations through which we shall impact overall strategies to address the critical challenges of our time that affect youth, thus becoming a main promoter of the empowerment of young people and youth organizations.

  • to empower youth to participate in the society.
  • to create a space for dialogue.
  • to provide learning opportunities.
  • to develop skills, experience and understanding.
  • to activate the leadership potential of youth.
  • to represent youth towards decision-makers.
  • to strengthen mutual understanding.
  • Cultural exchanges
  • Personal development and non formal education
  • Pilot projects
  • Advocacy and Policy
  • Collaborative activities



What is “imece” in Turkish?

1- Working together for the community or one of its members.
2- Collective work.
3- Collective labor.

“imece” nedir?

1. Kırsal topluluklarda köyün zorunlu ve isteğe bağlı işlerinin köylülerce eşit şartlarda emek birliğiyle gerçekleştirilmesi.
2. Birçok kimsenin toplanıp el birliğiyle bir kişinin veya bir topluluğun işini görmesi ve böylece işlerin sıra ile bitirilmesi.
3. Günümüzde el birliği ile yapılan bütün işlere verilen addır.

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