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Trekking in Belgrade Forest

On the morning of 2nd of September we went to a journey to the untouched natured located close, but still far enough from the busy streets of Istanbul. 

The group gathered at the Fatih Belediyesi at 10am. The group was big, 22 people came and a one tiny poppy, that quickly became everyone’s favorite. When we arrived at the Belgrade Forest we took a little coffee break and then stared walking.

During the first part of our walk was the easier cause there weren’t lots of hills so we could causally talk to each others, getting to know the whole group, exploring the forest and the beautiful nature that we often forget to pay attention. Along with our group poppy a three local dogs joined our team and started walking with us. After two hours of walking we had a lunch break. The lunch and the water, as well coffee, was provided by municipality of Fatih. While enjoying our delicious lunch we had a chance to admire the beautiful nature and the wonderful lake. Where we took a few pictures.

Later on we continued our walking, this time with a little more obstacles. New hills to clime up, streams to jump over, but we done it all successfully. Now we became almost a professional at trekking. The whole time trekking we got a chance to meet up new people, catch up with old friends and spend a nice time while being active.

Our walk ended at 2pm and then we slowly started walking to the bus, who was waiting for us to get us back to the Fatih. While we were still tired from the walking the good vibe and talk kept on. We hope that the group will keep growing and that we will go on lots of adventures like this one!

YE “Sport A Language We All Speak” in Bulgaria

Young people from Turkey had a chance to participate in a project in Bulgaria. Between 25 – 31 May, they gathered with other young people from Europe in a Lozen, a village located in the Stolichna Municipality of Sofia.

The project dealt with the importance of sport as an educational tool for intercultural learning, fighting discrimination and promoting social inclusion. Imece network was represented by 4 participants and 1 leader. One of them was Efe, who shares: “For me this project was incredible. Before the project, I always had a question mark about its subject, but they told us the subject in a very good way with the workshops they prepared meticulously.”

The moment he remembers the most is when they took on the roles they gave them and tried to play them for 1 hour.“This left a good impression on me. We cannot prevent discrimination in sports, even if we do not want it due to the media. While everyone knows very famous male actors, we may not even be aware of the existence of female athletes with the same degree. This is true for all sports and athletes.”

The project in Sofia left an impact on all participants. Efe adds: “I have removed one more obstacle in my mind”.