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TC “Innovative and Good Practices in the Youth Work”

On the 8th of May our adventure started. Three of our volunteers attended the five-day training course that took place in Varna. The training course was organized by the association “Inspiration” Ruse, Bulgaria. Eight countries took part in this course, besides Türkiye.

The youth workers played lots of fun games, had some challenging activities and got a chance to improve their communication skills, to be more open-minded, learned not to trust everything they hear in the newspaper. One of the topics that volunteers had a chance to discuss was the topic of human rights.

Of course, every job deserves a treat. On the training courses, we call them intercultural evenings. Every night we brought new information about the other countries that participated in the project. Some countries even did some quizzes to see how much they remembered the presentation or to give them a chance to learn something new about their country.

Sadly, as everything on this project came to an end by the 14th of May, when our volunteers packed their bags and hit the road to Türkiye, where they came with lots of excitement and good memories of new friends and places!