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Youth Exchange “The Art of Photography: Diversity and Inclusion”

A mobility period took place in May 2023, in Horezu, Romania, where participants engaged in cultural exchange and collaborative efforts. Through non-formal activities, the project focused on enhancing the quality of youth services, promoting inclusion and diversity, and developing essential skills.


  1. Strengthening Organizational Capacity: Three organizations, including a new one, improved their operational capacity through project activities.
  2. Promoting Inclusion and Diversity: Over 30 young individuals, participated in workshops, exhibitions, and awareness campaigns to challenge discrimination and promote inclusivity.
  3. Skill Development for the Community: Ten practical activities, including workshops and exhibitions, enabled young participants to acquire new skills and contribute positively to their communities.

Participants prepared presentations showcasing their countries’ traditions and attractions. They explored inclusion and diversity through photos, videos, and other creative means.

The project successfully empowered youth, strengthened organizations, and promoted inclusion and diversity. The mobility period provided a platform for cultural exchange and collaborative efforts to combat social barriers. Through their participation, the youth became change-makers in their communities, fostering a more inclusive future.

Mediterranean Plural

We participated a project called “Plurale Meditarenao” (literally “Mediterranean Plural”), which aims at promoting dialogue among Mediterranean countries.

The main aims of the project were the followings:

1- To create an illustrated book including 10 essays on a variety of subjects shared by all the Mediterranean countries, ranging from cultural features to biodiversity.

2- To make 2022 calendar featuring the national, religious and popular holidays of all the Mediterranean countries.

The contributions of Imece Network to the project were:

Promotion of a culture of Peace and dialogue between the countries of the Mediterranean Area.

Search and suggest festivity proposals to contribute to the 2022 calendar featuring the national, religious and popular holidays of all the Mediterranean countries.

Work in the field of peace education, using the editorial projects included in the project.

Here are the links of the book and the calendar:

Thanks to our volunteer Hilal Duran

Urve Abak

Our Project “World United” is Approved

We’re IN #FootballPeople Week! Our project named “World United” has been approved and will be funded by FareNet. Good luck to all football lovers 🙂

We will organize a series of events for women and men aged 18-25, aiming at the friendship of a diversity of young people living in Istanbul between 8-22 October 2020.

Participants call is published. Apply here!

PS: This project is postponed due to Covid19 Measures