Youth Participation to Regional Development

Ömer Önem has participated regional development summit that has been organized and funded by National Agency, GENCSAD association and FIRAT Development Agency.

He said:

“It has lasted almost 3 days and I participated on the behalf of Imece Network. In this summit, we were 80 youngsters from the different cities of Turkey. We all were aware of the Corona threat and we took the maximum measures. In this summit, we shared our ideas about regional development, and the importance of the development under specific topics [i.e. family, health, education, culture, youth, sport] During the workshops we were team of 10 people made a concrete text how the families will be effected by the regional developments and what can be catalysts of this development. I have used some communication techniques from the previous youth exchange I participated in Georgia again on the behalf of Imece Network.

As a result, it was a good summit, I was happy that I have participated in and it gave me good motivation to take some steps for the youngsters in my region.”

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