Youth Exchange in Sofia

Call for applications now open!

Looking for Turkish participants for the youth exchange “Our Rights: Human Rights” in Lozen/Sofia/Bulgaria 29th March – 6th April 2024!

Exchange, Inspire, Transform: Unleashing the Power of Human Rights Knowledge

Our group will be represented by 4 participants and 1 leader.

Passport and time: Because of the limited time we are looking for only people with green passport or Shengen Visa or BG passport etc.
Travel costs: Travel costs will be paid by the participant in advance. Upon submission of documents, up to €180 will be reimbursed after the youth exchange.
Exit Fee: It will be covered by the participants. (150TRY per each)
Travel&Health Insurance: will be covered by participants (approx. 10 EUR)
Transfer costs between banks: will be deducted from the reimbursement. (no more than 5 EUR)
Registration Fee: 10 EUR
Accommodation and Meals: Participants will stay in the rooms with four participants from other countries. Women and men will stay in separate rooms. Meals will be provided by the host organization.

18-25 years of age
To be able to speak English.
It is preferable to be talented in the fields / areas where we represent our own culture. (Please mention in the application form)
Yet, being not involved in any projects abroad is a plus.
Fewer opportunities background is a plus.
Have been volunteering for Imece Network is a plus.
Being able to handle issues such as bus tickets etc.
To be able to participate in the preliminary meeting to be held in Istanbul with our selected participants.

Persons who wish to participate in the exchange described above and who meet the requirements may apply by completing the application form here

Deadline : OVER