Erasmus Sports Project in Rome/IT

We are happy to announce that our third and last meeting of the project “let’s play all together” will take place.

Project will take place in Rome from23rd (arrival day) to 25th (departure day) November 2021.

Projects summary is here:

Of course, due to the pandemic situation there are some things to explain and make clear.

Imece Network -as being the partner organization- our 7 participants will participate the event with a special permission. At the moment it is not possible for ordinary reasons to visit Italy. That’s why all chosen pax need to go to embassy by themselves.

All the participants have, of course, to travel with a greenpass.

And make a PCR test before the event and the masks during the activities will be mandatory.

Personal distances will be guaranteed.

Everyone in hosting team is vaccinated and will take a covid-test right before the event.

In order to avoid any complications, each participants will take care of:

  1. Book the flights (according to the “cheapest option” rule).
  2. Find and book the accommodation.
  3. Go to embassy and have special permission.
  4. Take care of their own meals (in order to not spend too much time together without masks).

All the expenses will be reimbursed (with bills and invoices) after the end of the project, up to 500€, through the sending associations.

What’s included in the reimbursement:

  1. Flight, train, bus tickets for international travels (with invoice)
  2. Bus tickets in Rome (to and from the location of the project)
  3. 3 meals/day (alcohol is not reimbursed) (with invoice)
  4. Hotel in Rome (with invoice)

The location of the event is in via orazio da pennabilli 5. Meeting starts at 10:00am on 24/11/21

All applicants from Turkey need to have a green passport or a valid Shengen Visa.

Please fill this form if you want to participate:

The deadline for applications is 3rd of November Wednesday 23:59pm. If there is an exceed demand of applications we’ll chose the participants considering the FIFO rule..